Scrabble Champions Tourney to replace WSC

The WESPA has announced premilinary information regarding the Scrabble Champions Tournament which will now replace the World Scrabble Championships. The article can be read at the WESPA website.

  1. The WSC is now to continue and be known as Scrabble Champions Tournament.
  2. The SCT will now be held annually as opposed to the biennial WSC starting December this year.
  3. The SCT will be held as part of the Prague Mind Sports Festival in December yearly.
  4. The event will have two categories/divisions: Elite and Open.
  5. Elite division representatives will be selected by the national associations while open division reps will be players who are willing to sponsor themselves regardless of category and ability (whilst representing their countries) to the event.

Further information on this will be published later.

Categories: World Scrabble.